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How Figurines Can Add Style To Your Home's Decor
When it comes to the overall look and feel of your interior and exterior rooms, the little details DO matter. Add a figurine here and there and watch the transformation. Although the Asian society is well known for their production of figurines, they are not alone in their...
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Bunga hidup atau bunga plastik
Date: 2006/04/16 23:24 By: GulDal Status: Visitor  
sesape kat sini yg biasa letak bunga hidup sebagai hiasan kat dalam rumah. Contohnya bunga ros. Ada tak sesape tau petua nak kasik dia tahan lama at least 2 minggu.

ada org kata letak clorox dalam air dia...betul ke? ada tu plak kata letak panadol... hehe..tak penah lak try... sesape tau, share la kat sini k. Thanks!
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