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Why A Professional Security Keyholder Gives You Peace Of Mind
Whether you are a business owner or a home owner, the likelihood is that you will have a security alarm. Alarms that are connected to a central station require you to have at least one keyholder other than yourself that can be contacted in the even that the alarm goes off....
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tempah/kelas jahitan langsir/bj kurung
Date: 2006/11/18 23:11 By: naiz Status: Visitor  
sekiranya ingin belajar menjahit atau ingin menempah bj kurung atau langsir boleh hubungi saya.
sy ke lokasi anda.
satu sesi belajar terhad kepada hanya 5 org.

hubungi di
lokasi sy Ipoh.

ni paten scallop

ni paten pelmet/cornice

ini paten Goblet berbutang.
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